UFC Jacksonville: Glover Teixeira Octagon Interview

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UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira (31-7) finished strong to take down Anthony Smith in the final round of their five-round main event matchup in Jacksonville on Wednesday night.

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БИТВА за ХАЙП TV says:

go to my channel there are many great fights all good luck))

FransKurniawan says:

Subcrabe guys!

Mr. Obamium says:

I just got the post notification

Muamer Blazevic says:

DC's laugh 😂

golo5000 says:

What is not covered in Smith and Teixeira fight is the illegal, deliberate punch to Smith's groin. Teixeira's dirty shot to Smith's family jewels makes the fight pivot for aTeixeira win. Teixeira is a dirty bird …. groin shot by Texeira is not so grande this old fighter is dirty, not the American way.

Brandon McCoshen says:

Such a shame in Anthony's corner men fuck look after your fighter. There was no need to be going into the 5th round. He needs a new crew on his side.

Josh Galli says:

This was tough to watch. Teeth out and ref puts teeth in pocket what the fuck Herzog should have stopped that shit

Michael 87 says:

That crack head in Anthony Smith's house ruined him …

Anthony Damian says:

I thought Tony's ending was bad but this was a massacre

Jesse says:

Way to Glover! Get the title man

Mostafa El-Sayed says:

It's disturbing how Anthony's corner did not stop the fight after round 4

Ruben Monterroso says:

Crazy how the tide changed. Smith was boxing beautiful. Hats off to these two warriors

Real Natural says:

The fact that Rumble starched him so fast just shows how good he is

Doodle Pop says:

Anthony needs to find better cornerman. A fighter typically doesn't ever give up, but in cases like this that's when the coach needs to be his mouthpiece and forfeit for him. Smith is a young man he doesn't need to take that much abuse this early in his career

Katie Giles says:

The problem is, Anthony's corners took advantage of his "Lions Heart."

EM says:

He shoulda taken more breaths. Maybe this fight woulda ended differently

Salik Indrajith says:

Smith…..attacking is d answer in UFC….if not stay safe at home…😷😷

Kid Power says:

Was a pretty early stoppage to be honest

J Swartz says:

Glover vs Reyes winner gets Jones at Fight island

P A 090589 says:

Straight whoopin

Kleyson Gomes says:

Cornier x Teixeira já!!!!!

Johann Bach says:

Anthony Smith: Glover broke into the ring & was high on some drugs….

Thiago C.R. says:


John Hand says:

he's still got it now knock me out so i could go to sleep

Tarik Faruk says:

What was wrong with the referee man…how can someone wait so long to break up the fight…it was so obvious in the third round, that Anthony was finished…after he touched his face because of a heavy punch and he gets punched and punched again by Teixeira…the fourth round he gets just punished…and the fifth round…man…Herzogs performance was very very bad…he did not protected the fighter…and the corner of Anthony too…

SexyGogeta says:

I saw a lot of comments saying Teixeira didn't have any chance Lol

Roberto Ramos Hernandez says:

Not a good look

Ruipo Ggtyio says:

DS👍ты крутой тип

Nitin Kalra says:

DC career as a good commentator and interviewer is set good competition to Joe Rogan

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