UFC 249: Bryce Mitchell Octagon Interview

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Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell talks in the Octagon with Joe Rogan after his dominant unanimous decision victory at UFC 249 on Saturday.

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Vikash Loitongbam says:

He has decent striking too, I think he won the WSOF featherweight tournament too, right before it became PFL. Couple more fights and he should be ranked I think.

W B says:

This dudes a straight pro

mark harmon says:

Will the camo shorts have a twister 🌪 on them🤔

Music Production says:

hope he got to celebrate with some nice $6 purple pedialyte

shubham tamse says:

Ultimate wrestling championship

trla8793 says:

If Theo Von was a fighter

Frug Survival Gear says:

Props to my new favorite fighter! Get him those camo shorts, what a beast !

jasonemryss says:

Who knew Bryce is mentally challenged?

Pan says:

What a grappler

ORYANtricking says:

As a casual mma fan , Bryce performance here showed me how beautiful jiu jitsu can be.
Should have recieved a bonus.

ManyHousePlants says:

grappling is so fun to watch……

fahad ajmi says:

DC laughing at Joe at the end priceless

KolektivMozak says:

Michael is future champion, this guy is bad ass.

tbtltltd says:

30-24 on the ground against a black belt saying he was gonna arm bar Bryce. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE GET THIS MAN HIS CAMO SHORTS

C N says:

I’m new to following Bryce, very impressive. MMA Jujitsu is different from pure tournament Jujitsu. Kron Gracie is ranked 1spot ahead of Bryce. Who’d win that match?
How about Brian Ortega!

You could headline it – Arkansas Jujitsu vs. Brazilian Jujitsu

Rhys Carroll says:

I like Bryce and Mitchell

Ishmael C says:

This dude put a twister on another person. Woah

eon001 says:

Bryce's should just make his own brand of camo shorts and sell them independently and get 100% of the money. Now Reebok are going to take 905 of the profits from the Reebok camo shorts. Who the fuck is managing this kid?

michael Trumbo says:

501 gang yee

Dr. Loomis says:

With that many attempts…he shoulda got the finish.

Crypto Gardener says:

Reebok get that man some camo shorts! Dayum!

Brendan Nelson says:

1:20 omg Joe… I thought my connection blipped when i watched this live

Brendan Nelson says:

Thug Nasty💪 after what i watched him do that night i became an instant fan

alan miller says:

He is a straight monster, nothing but respect for Thugnasty

Neutral Bruh says:

When you spam the submission button in ufc 3

Ionn Blignault says:

Hell get this man a camo morphsuits and hell probably be unstoppable!

Wesz808 says:

Performance of the night for me. Rosa had only oxygen for 30 seconds per round.

queensberry Q says:

Dude, what a stud. Such an unassuming guy too. That other dude looks like he was born with weights in hand. That is what we call, fake muscles folks.. nothin like good ol American BEEF!

Sam Allardyce says:

now casuals are in awe of bryce amazing grappling but also this are the same casuals who said khabib style is boring 😂😂😂

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