Trump Golfs And Attacks Opponents As Death Toll Nears 100,000 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The panel discusses how President Trump is spending his Memorial Day weekend, which includes golfing in Virginia and spending time on Twitter attacking opponents. Aired on 05/25/2020.
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Trump Golfs And Attacks Opponents As Death Toll Nears 100,000 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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micheal conley says:

Trump is. A killer of children

William Alford says:

Trump and his devoted trailer maggot enablers seem to be doubling down on the stupidity. I think our military is going to have to go in there and remove him from office.

John Doe says:

Was jealous of Obama golfing.

John Doe says:

Vote the sob out!

Beatrix Czihak says:


Ingeborg Wood says:

The Lazy shitbag Trump should go to work and not Play Golf . What a terrible burden of a usless overpaid fatty as a president .🤮🤮

Brent Mahan says:

The hatred level is amazing

US Army Ranger says:

Because Yahoo want show my post, so I decided to post here.
Defence Secretary Mark Esper I see the coveted Ranger Tab on your Right shoulder. I am also a US Army Ranger. We both receive the same training /indoctrination. Tell me how can You support President Trump. Our Training taught us how to recognise a traitor and President Trump in my opinion is working for the Russian. Now You know, Ranger don't lie to each other, Talk to me. I understand, that the President is "Commander in Chief", But if he is working against the American People And the Constitution of the Unite States then once again , in my opinion he is a Traitor. Send me a message by Yahoo on line. I will be looking for a Reply. Ranger lead the way.
P.s. This is between two Army Rangers. Yahoo commenter, Please stay out of this. I Thank You for your understanding.

Ryan O'Brien says:

Is America great again?

Kim Vasconez says:

This man is SICK. #25thAmendmentNOW Also, there is an amazing story told on the site If you go to the Outings page, a chart outlines not only when golfed, where, with whom, and a comments section links the state of the Nation while he golfs. The main page estimates how much the trips cost taxpayers , with a break out found here that identifies use of Air Force One and costs for each trip..(An auditor should review this chart because he combines his flights with stops for rallies…which is illegal and forces taxpayers—both Rep and DEMS— TO PAY FOR HIS RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGNS WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS [see comments on chart] The page owner is redesigning the front page and validated the costs with The Washington Post FacrChecker reporters. The Post told he that a “new Government Accountability Office report (is out) detailing costs incurred by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for trips Trump had made to Mar-a-Lago in early 2017. Based on that report, Philip Bump of the Washington Post estimates that trips to Mar-a-Lago alone have cost more than $64 million, a figure very close to our current TrumpGolfCount estimate for those same trips of $60 million.” Also, Wikipedia has a page for each year that outlines trips and purposes.:

231lizard says:

Check out MSNBC getting caught not wearing masks while doing a report on folks not caring…

231lizard says:

Meanwhile, msnbc shames folks for not wearing masks whilst their own employees don't even do it. Shame on us though. Keep spreading your fake news. It makes me laugh…

Roman Ward says:

Remember..GOD is the author of life and death.. for those that live right and love him..have nothing to fear. Stop blaming President Trump he is just a man. You MSNBC non-stop say disgusting things against a sitting in President Trump and mock him. President Trump says the truth.

Japp Jspp says:

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aseyete says:

For those who know their "Seinfeld", do I detect that Trump may require a "Manssiere" or "bro" (see 1:20). An A cup I think.

Phillip Erickson says:

I will vote for Biden

Bertha Austin says:

The things he tweets are disgusting. He is truly a big fat bully. We have to get him out of office please people. We have to stand together against people like him.

Barney Potter says:

And trump killed many with his lame lack of any action at all he's still doing it .and trying to use the pandemic to sneak in his smear campaign

Jun Rodas says:

Remember when trump considered 1.4M infected count a Badge of Honor (whichever way he meant it). What about 100,000 deaths? Would it be considered a bigger Badge of Honor? Likewise, jared kushner's claim that 58,000 deaths is a success, would 100,000 deaths be a bigger success?

Paul Moody says:

What do you expect from a banana peel? He's certainly as hollow as one.

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