Tom Brady Drills Shot Of The Day On Hole 7 After Chuck Bets Against Him | Capital One's The Match

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Tom Brady hit one of the best shots of the day on Hole 7 right after hearing some trash talk from Charles Barkley.

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PJ Rose Face says:

This shot convinced me Brady is the GOAT. He just got this magic about him….. Tiger missed a couple shots because of Brady I think too…… I don't know I can't explain it but you know it when you see it.

Daniel Barwatt says:

I was more shocked at the spin the ball had than the actual hole out..that might have been the best struck shot he ever had

T says:

Why he is a champion.

Onesixcruz says:


T 25 says:

Suck it chuck! 🤣😆😂

frank ackley says:

Hes practicing his golf game when the bucks dont win a game this yr and the season is over

FranktheTank70 says:

Why did Brady not fix his divot?

H C says:

GOAT doing GOAT things …. doesn't get old watching this shot, or all his clutch moments

Michael Tveten says:

Brady got more rings than the Olympics…..

Tom bryan says:

Good thing Brady can breathe, no knee to his neck

knightowl50 says:

Gotta hand it to Brady. Have any idea the pressure he is under? Imagine for just a moment, how much pressure to play with Tiger and Phil freaking Mickelson….on any course. Let alone in front of millions of viewers in beating down rain. These guys don't want to make idiots of themselves and yet….I mean golf is really humbling and frustrating as hell. Then to have Barkley yapping at you and to stick that shot with microphones falling off your shirt.

Good stuff. Most iconic moment of the match belongs to Brady.


Camron Toney says:

That was only worth $100 for charity?

threelibras8 says:

Tb12 had a rough day but this shot shows that Greatness is greatness. That was sweet.

goodbi99 says:

I do that all the time.

Richard Kim says:

You see… every time someone talks shit about Brady he makes a miracle lol. He feeds on it

Mark says:

Whenever you piss Brady off and challenge him he turns into a god

Michael Lejos says:

💰 money shot Chuck….

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