TIKTOKS that are hilarious

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Amy Bullis says:

Notice how the tire got faster

Anthony’s dumb Channel says:

Hey lazarbeam can you play apex again it has changed a lot

Jellu Gum says:

Lazarbeam:*sees flare gun* I want 5 of them

Taunted gamer says:

Where’s the shoey Lennon we want the shoey

unstoppable vlogs says:

Are you dead?

Jeremiah Burton says:

I think Laserbeam is dead

hello there says:

everyone sub to Edit_PlayD

Caleb Gordon says:

Hi lazar beam I play fortnite and I just want fortnite to go back to the good old days yeet pistels yeet nades and brutes so fun do you agree my epic is mryeet096 in your honour

Brandon Evans says:

At 1:20 I felt that

Aldyn Cunningham says:

Can you show this in your out next video please

Sam Coleman says:

I love the shotgun pennis

Daniel Maloney says:

Be a bloody lengend

Reo Wall says:

Laser I’ve got the same pencil costume as you and it gets lots of use

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