Tesla's Musk says 'ready for arrest,' reopens plant against order

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Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk said production was resuming at the automaker’s California factory, defying an order to stay closed and saying if anyone had to be arrested it should be him.

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Mah Kost says:

Good for Elon. I know many hairstylists who are thanking him.

lifeisawar zone says:

cant understand why this official is throwing gas on the fire when teslas openibg up in a few days anyway unles she has something against tesla who knows

Troy Powers says:

So Elon…now what will you do when you actually run out of money in Texas…?

XCombat Mike says:

These stupid people in charge need to shut up and get out of office!

XCombat Mike says:

People Need to be removed from office and put in prison and not fun prison general population Where they will have to be tough to survive

PoorManTravel says:

jam in a factory , but they still wont let u park at a beach parking lot …..

中華傲訣 says:

I like Elon Musk , but this time he is too much. Laws has to be respected. And this is a life and death matter. He is putting his workers in danger.

Scot Mile says:

Come to my state come to my state I’ll support the killing of children so they can dig up lithium and kobalt for my so called environmental friendly cars 😂😂😂😂

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