SPICY Korean SHORT RIBS & Airport FOOD TOUR of Incheon in Seoul South Korea

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My last day in #Seoul and I love going around the city because there are many restaurants you can pick from a random alley. After eating some #ribs I went back …

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Hemmy says:

Oh my gosh, the desserts look so good! (And yes, I did travel somewhere just to try the local desserts and sweets before lol)

MyTea Died says:


sofia Swer says:

How much are your expenses? And how do you afford travelling and great hotels

Dill Pill says:

Bungou stray dogs! you should watch violet evergarden on netflix

SAT MON says:

wow!this wood it's spicy, I like it, too

Rebecca Nunez says:

It would be a dream to travel the world with you!

Kira Phoenix says:

14:47 as soon as you said Egypt I got so ridiculously excited 🤩
You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to come here!!
Hope you enjoy your stay, and more importantly, THE FOOD 🥙
I'll make sure to linger around any possible food gathering, maybe I'll get to meet you there lol

saito hiraga says:

I rarely comment on videos but I really appreciate you and really your videos mike 🙂

ᅵ바람맛쥬스 says:

Good night in Cambodia, Mikey.

Lia Martinez says:

If you come to san Francisco agea I would like to take you to my favorite place to eat.

Connor Eadie says:

I want to go on a adventure with mikey

TaKuMii Ferraghini says:

Cambodia ? Whoaaa That’s quite unexpected to see my country on your list
Hope you enjoy your stay here

Ms.Jennay says:

Omg I'm so excited for Cambodia!!! My moms from Cambodia I plan on visiting the motherland one day. ❤❤❤😘🙏🏽🙏🏽

Xin Li says:

Wish to meet you in Cambodia dude, let me know when you here 😃

Laurie Penner says:

We're here for you buddy! The late Anthony Bourdain taught us that the travelling food reviewer gig might seem amazing on the surface, but it can be really tough on your mental health. So don't be afraid to slow it down and spend some time with your family and friends, OK?

Simona Felice says:

Christianne Martins is one of the most violent women I've ever met, like most Latinx people. 💚

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