SAMGYEOPSAL TAYO, Quarantine edition

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Micah Angel Sanchez says:

Pano po yung low carb kimchi?

Danilo Hermoso says:

Good day Ayet, I admire you for posting the most glamourous, tasty, and for me, the most ideal keto/OMAD meal, the samgyeopsal. Personally, I could eat tons of this stuff (more than 5 refills in 1 sitting and my blood sugar and weight remains normal the morning after). I love this post. More power to you for spreading the keto gospel! No regrets in subscribing to your channel.

Angelica Velarde says:

Myloves 😍😍😍😍

April Ilos says:

May labs nakakatakam naman..🤤🤤🤤🤤

kitty Jhem24 says:

Wow sarap nmn po sana all 😍😘

Godwin Arellano says:

Thank you po for reviewing our products po! 😊 Thank you po talaga, God bless you always po 😊
Thank you the GLAM mama

More subscribers to Come! Po

violy yalong says:

Congrats 50.6k na po! may latest ngaun pedeng mg pa home service ng samgyeopsal may kmahalan nga lng, swak2, isang subuan lng,ayy!! ibig pong sbihin gnun kalaki bibig mo mylabss.😋😋😂😂😂

Baer Euvic says:

Gud pm mam ayet…follower mo ako since october 2019…at ng start nang lowcarb…nkakainspire po kayo…before 73kl po ako..and now 59 kls na…salamt sa mga nkakainspire na mga videos mo..

Krizelda says:

Stay safe myloves! 💪🏻🔥

Ejay Skitty says:

Wahhh!! 😍😮

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