Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 korean BBQ

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popular grilled dish called samgyeopsal (fresh pork belly) gui (grilled), which is an absolute favorite. The thick strips of pork belly can be cooked in large pieces or in bite sizes. The fresh meat is grilled without seasoning or marinating. You dip a piece in the sesame oil sauce and wrap it in a lettuce leaf with a dollop of ssamjang and pa muchim (scallion salad) or simply sliced scallions.

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Raba Sunuwar says:

Wow great food

Filmy Sanshar says:

Yesto food making channel first time maila channel gara ko thanks for this video ……

Filmy Sanshar says:

Love it pic

Filmy Sanshar says:

Dhar ho mero ghar khub khan tham ham pig ko meat

Filmy Sanshar says:

Hait mero bast masu pa raixa hau pig ko meat ..

Yubaraj Rai says:

Wow yummy food

Asmita Shrestha says:

Mero favorite food of korean food….

Global Mobile Solution & Digital Photography says:

Wow nice Food ….#narendra

Subash Rai says:

많이 드세요 ..

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