RB Leipzig 2-2 Benfica: Champions League Recap with Goals, Highlights and Best Moments

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Full highlights as RB Leipzig and Benfica share a 2-2 draw in the Champions League.

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Solomaster29 says:

Rigged ending.

Sanjith Udayasankar says:

2:02 That man just copied Mbappe loll

rainwave5 says:

0:26 I have been imagining this for years and now I finally see it 😂😂

Mason Herlihy says:

Who are the commentators? Someone plz help me

BoxOfOranges84 says:

Benfica curse still going strong

69’sLeft Hand says:

9 Minutes of Extra Time Jesus.

Jean Pierre Desir says:

RB Leipzig And Bayern Munich Are the Best Germans Team This Season…

Danny Bies says:

Come on benfica!!!

Victor Da Silva says:

Adios Benfica…..yummm yummmm

thisisCHOPZZ says:

That was an incredibly entertaining football match to watch. Just Wow!

Tony Edits says:

exactly why you play til the final whistle

Some Mexican Nibba says:

2:01 gonna tell my kids this was Mbappe

II says:

0:27 clumsy celebration gets him kicked lmao

skyler playz says:

Imagine having seco d careers for players playing for 2 teams not nt but teams.

skyler playz says:

Benfica gotta beat zenit

Aloha says:

B/R Football – The best video coverage by far!!..

Sandro The Cross says:

Bruno Lage 👋

Pranav Agrawal says:

1:12 how was this not a penalty

OhBlexxSS says:

WOW 6 minutes already 2 goals

Juan Cardoza says:

Thank you Leipzig. Dortmund make an absolute mockery of the Bundesliga

junior sanchez says:

U bumbaclot u kicked Pizzi 0:28

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