PSG 5-0 Montpellier – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 2/1/2020

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El PSG le pasó por encima al Montpellier que terminó el partido con nueve jugadores.

Paris Saint-Germain continue their dominance in Ligue1 as leaders after defeating Montpellier 5-0.

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Foos World wide says:

Imagine scoring a goal with ur face lol

Saratoga says:

Is ez money for psg players

Gerardo Portillo says:

Only in a Farmer's League 03:29

Mohamed Said says:

neymar is wasting money.

Oscar Johnson says:

Kimpembes flop be like your jello when your about to eat it

Carsen A says:

why are psg on such a higher level than the rest of this league's teams? is it because funding is so high for psg?

eyob tekle says:

Farmers league this guys so slow and static. For psg it's like a training game they are not tested at all

RIP Etika says:

Neymar's hair looks like cotton candy

Don Qey says:

What kind of drugs would Neymar do in Paris if he was not footballer?

Ugo Ibe says:

Wait… Pablo Sarabia is very much left footed, right?? That was a worldy!!

Aleksandar R says:

I bet Chinese league is more competitive than French league

carol gruber says:

If Mbappi went to Madrid ( Liverpool has never laid out that type of cash that KmMbappi will cost) and miss the amount of sitters he gets and disc Zuzu, the flack he would recieve from them rabid fans would consume his young ego!

yourefat andlazy says:

why do people feel the need to color their hair outrageously like neon green or pink!

The Big LeeBowski says:

Veteran Players should stop by the French league before heading out to the MLS.

Francisco Rodriguez says:

THE MLS is way more competitive than ligue1

GawdSent says:

they’re so bad😂 doesn’t help the “farmers league” talk

Secret Sauce says:

This league is trash. PSG would be a middle tier team in the EPL.

Jorge Torres says:


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