Pat McAfee Reacts, Is It Time To Scrap The NBA Season? Mark Cuban Says No

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What do you think the NBA will do?

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from 10am-Noon EST Mon-Fri.



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Kris Radke says:

Lakers win the title? Lol! With all the rest Kawhi would murder the Lakers.

Bryan Vaughn says:

He let sexual harassment go on in his business he better be ready to answer for that if he wants to run for president

Alex Smith says:

I saw an interview with Cuban where he's talking about an NBA Hotel. And said the latest the league could restart, not complete, RESTART, was something like July 25th. How did somebody say Cuban wants to scrap the season out of that? Lmao

MiketheYung God says:

Too dangerous to play? What a joke. The average age of someone that died from the virus is higher than the average age someone dies. Let that sink in.

Trevor Satterlee says:

Yeah keep waiting for the vaccine… There are multiple vaccines for the flu and it still kills tens of thousands of people every year.

Live Free says:

Neutral site, teams and tv ppl only, everyone tested just like the ufc. I was at one event in Jacksonville and it worked great.

Andrew Evans says:

Just goes to show how gangster the UFC fighters are, fans or no fans those boys go to work

Cameron Mcclosky says:

Just throw them in quarantine suits and let them play tf 🤣

Will Carlson says:

Lebron and the rest of the star players just had a meeting saying they want and would play without fans, might have been after this vid but idk

Brandon Clay Horton says:

I would scrap the reg season and just have playoffs. Test players in the beginning of June, if everyone is good, allow players to return to team facilities and stay there. Players have 2-3 weeks to get in shape and get ready to play again. Test players again, send them to a centralized location, and have playoffs through July and August

theblindswordsmanDS says:

Huh? Mark Cuban said that we should do the season

TheKman1014 says:

Let's be real. It'll only be an asterisk if the Lakers win it.

Karl Renner says:

Ernie MAKES the show, not Barkley or Shaq. Ernie is the F'ing man.

Padraig Murphy says:

Obviously LeBron wants to play. A shortened season in which AD has less games to get injured. Yeah I would think he'd in for that. Too bad it'd have an asterisk lol

Chineze E. says:

Stop the madness. The most important office in the world should be occupied by someone who knows and has studied how the govt works and has spent years-decades working as a civil servant. Not successful businessmen. That’s how we got to this pathetic point.

Jeff P says:

Mark Cuban's not going to run for president, he's smart enough to know he's not going to win without the backing of a major party.


a billionaire reality TV show host as president, hmmmm what a novel idea

SuperJohn12354 says:

The older I get the more I respect chuck for being honest and telling it like it is

Camron Toney says:

Scrap the season and give every player the MVP award and a participation trophy.

sterling bowers says:

All the players that have had it were totally fine. Ufc pulled it off and so does Walmart so why can't NBA athletes in amazing health make it

2nd_place says:

May Madness should definitely become a thing someday. I might actually watch the NBA!

Cj Hellman says:

I want them to finsh it u can’t let a whole year go to waste

Roman Soroka says:

why would you scrap the nba play offs . You need a champion . if the players test healthy ,let them play in a controlled are, or arena, like vegas , where corona is not as bad, 2nd corona is deadly to older folks , we have never shut down anything when 30-60k people die from the flu every year. the people who dont wanna play dont, shaq and barkley you dont wanna work then dont,, alot dont want to play they scared of Lebron , A.D., and the Lakers

B Swifty says:

Blame Ur Quack Docs like Fauci Saying there's Gonna be a 2nd Wave of the Virus.. They're literally Telling You it's Gonna Happen Again..

I D says:

Hmph… we just put a ✌🏾successful ✌🏾 TV & business guy in office and still haven’t learned our lesson! 😬

HCHtheNerd says:

why not have first few rounds be best of 3 and then later rounds be best of five, final four best of 7, final best of 7

Korrag Prime says:

theres no asterisk if everyone is getting rest

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