※ Nguyên liệu 600g thịt bò dùng để làm món Bulgogi, 1 nắm cà rốt, 1 nắm hành tây, 1 nắm hành hoa, 1 nắm nấm kim châm – Nước sốt: 1 thìa lớn đường, [More]
ℹ️ Information 곱창 볶음(Stir-Fried Gopchang) Price KRW 18000 USD 15.1 Location 경기 부천시 옥산로154번길 21 21, Oksan-ro 154beon-gil,…
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Evolution of ′samgyeopsal′ The pork belly barbecue has been Koreans′ go-to meal for years, often paired with several shots of ′soju′ to cap off a tough week or to celebrate. But the meat wasn′t always [More]
Turn on CC for English and Spanish Subtitles! Kami juga menambahkan teks terjemahan untuk para penggemar Indonesia kami! #Let’sEat3 Oldies, but goodies! Watch all of the previous series of tvN at tvN D CLASSIC: https://bit.ly/2PoHd0B
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이렇게 맛있는걸 왜 자주 안먹었나.. 후회했어요.. 오리불고기 어렵지 않아요 !! 재료 : 오리고기 500g, 청양고추 4개, 고추장 4큰술, 맛술 2큰술, 진간장 3큰술, 매실청 2큰술, 설탕 1큰술, 고출가루 2큰술, 다진마늘 2큰술, 굴소스 1큰술, 참기름 2큰술, 양파 [More]