Packers vs. 49ers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 12 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Supanigga Dav says:

Ravens win 48- 24

Christian Granados says:

6:41 look at Bosa handles that RT & shoves him on his ass!!

jeremy lar says:

Aaron Overrated

Lucas Barron says:

That last play tho…. hello 💀

Alfred J Alcala says:

49ers best game in world beat each teams

siti afu says:

AR you hold the ball too long the 1st play after the penalty I saw Aaron Jones and the other receiver was open quick throw and you not get the sack and the fumble, ,defence like the 9er you don't need a big play to start the game, you need to play smart

bill harvell says:

Great win and great season for the Niners. Too bad they'll wind up 5th seed come playoffs.

Cloo Viewer says:

The packers were definitely sent PACKING by Cali.

Teal your average teenager says:

The Packers were in the playoff hunt

This enraged my Niners, who punished them severely

D n' C Entertainment says:

"Nick do you want to cover or rush"
Bosa: "yes"

Hippy Hor says:

2:43 game lost right there. Only 10-0, GB started to panic for No reason. Take the 3 there. Well within range

armyreader1 says:

Well Rodgers wasn't able to beat Brees in single game sacks…

Praise Akinyele says:

49ers you will lose vs baltimore on sunday december 1 2019 trust me

Marquan1988 says:

Love to see the boys winning and most important…. having fun BANG BANG NINER GANG

Aldrick Yalung says:

Like=San fransisco vs patriots in super bowl comment=Seahawks vs patriots in super bowl

King Luey says:

I'm a Packer fan but omg the 49'ers are NO JOKE this season… WOW 🏈 👍

John Haynes says:

During the warmups I got that week 5 type of vibe I knew we were going to crush them /what is it with guys that do commercials taking an ASS TRASHING FROM THE NINERS. LET'S GET IT NINERS ALL DAY FOREVER FAITHFUL

Border Reiver says:


Austin Harrington says:

Bitchass Aaron Rodgers with his one super bowl ring way back in 1904

Bagus Laksono says:

49ers be like "shut the f up, Packers!"

also i'm really glad that Garoppolo plays well with 49ers, he is only a shadow if he stays at Patriots.

yroohj gouy says:

in football point blank.

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