Making a TACO BELL AM CRUNCHWRAP at home! – 10 Minute Power Hour

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We all know Arin is passionate about Wendy’s. But he also shares a love for Taco Bell as well as a love for breakfast. Today on our first at-home 10 Minute Power Hour, Arin will share this love with another one of his loves: Dan.


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Ciara Kahahane says:

Nice uahi salt Arin!

Matt Bryce says:

and a new entry appears on wikifeet

Jason Herron says:

You so need Gordon Ramsey on with you

Logan says:

This is my favorite 10MPH

Katherine Barbera says:

watching this video made me realize i’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong for my entire life

TheIosif says:

Diet Sunkist FTW!!!

Deanna Pelletier says:

Arin over here teaching me how to cook better than my own mother ever did 💖

M Pe says:

The most pure and genuine 10mph I've ever seen, love these guys

ThatLazyWeeb04 says:

Don't mind me

ANdReW kkhhlljj says:

I'd watch porn of them

Red Rogue403 says:

My name is Daniel Avidan. You killed my father, prepare to die! I've been looking for a man with six fingers who killed my father.

ANdReW kkhhlljj says:

Yo ur freakin stache looks DOPE

Officeninja428 says:

loool it's not actually pronounced, "muck-bang" it's said more like "mok-bahng"

Aidan Chilton says:

So much hair in that food tho

Kyle Davila says:

8:39 arin looks like he needs help

Devon Wall says:

And here, we have the famous Arin/Dan married couple. Having filled out the couple's questionnaire, they now tackle the kitchen. What a pair.

browncowballz says:

That is a rather impressive mini bar Arin has

Maddy loves jokes says:

"God you're like a potato wizard"

A.X. Roads says:

Showfeetguy must be elated

Jessica Couch says:

Thank you for still providing quality content during the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour. Don't stress too much and thank you for still being you. <3

Alice Anderson says:

Dan said the q word 😱 Backstreet Boys reunion tour mustache, man!

Cat.Lady. says:

Love this content 😭😭😭 I need more Arin being in his element!!

IceViolette says:

Dan out here lookin like Inigo Montoya tryna avenge Avi by rubbing his tummy.

SodaFrizz says:

hurricane tortilla

Benny Shores says:

I mean, if you're going to feature 80's-era Weird Al, you should probably put his name in the title.

Bennett Grabowski says:

Showfeetguy freaked out when Dan almost showed his toes

Lynorran Eldritch says:

Ah, I loved watched you guys just hanging out. … Also, we never got a report about that gummi…

maddie klitsberg says:

It would be cool if They did a 10 minute power hour on how they did their hair and all that. I’ve always wanted to know how dan does his hair.

Sophia Jiyu says:

My dreams are coming true with this home video from you guys 🥰

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