Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings – Full Highlights | February 1, 2020 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings – Full Game Highlights | February 1, 2020 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Dan Aguila says:

81 Lakersd points at half time
129 Lakers points+113 Sacramento points = 242

Frito Red says:

The Lakers deep bench could be starters.

Let that sink in… Lakers 2020

novacouncil OUTSDRS says:


Kay says:

The ref pointed at Danny Greens travel at 4:00.

Eric CORNUTE says:

I wanna see LABRON go for 25 ASSIST

Ricardo Jones says:

Bro did the announcer say Avery Bradley was an unknown player?! 🤔

Derik Harris says:

They only beat scrubs

Charlee Sheen says:

I can't believe the Lakers scored 81 pts (Kobe's highest scoring game) @ halftime and the total points scored by both teams at the end equaled 242 (Kobe and Gigi's jersey numbers together). You couldn't write it better than that!!

TMcKinney says:

Girl: If you like me shoot your shot.
Me: 0:45 (Lebron)

Steve Stewart Motivation says:

Another unknown player making 3s dude making millions

Erik Brice Ledford says:

Lakers bench players are starters anywhere else

El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali. says:


El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali. says:


vixien srisongkham says:

if lakers dont win the title this year cause of the lost im not watching nba no more

Dodge Ram says:

42 points in THE FIRST QUARTER!!!
# potential!!!!!!
Hey clips..keep resting your stars,
We want them rusty and having no idea how to play team basketball in the playoffs….
Also, clip fans….
When you take ur kid to the game and their favorite players are a no show….
Do you find this acceptable because they will be well rested come playoff time?
Cool then…keep buying loser jerseys.

Marcus B says:

yooo good win #lakers my boy #lebronjames and the lakers squad killing it out there they turn the sacarmento kings into sacramento queens

Timmay says:

still waiting for the postponed clippers vs lakers game…. sigh…. damn stubhub

Juan Pablo says:

0:56 BRO I had to rewatch that a few times

Michelle W says:

I believe that the Lakers will have a great year 2020

Tu Nguyen says:

2:48 that steal and pass by Rondo though!

taquan hevey says:

Lakers don’t need no more pieces damn they AD & Danny green they are fucking stack including bron stop making excuses for them the are number one in the west like stop with this they need one more superstar they are good like damn

xNsK Grimmjow- says:

Lakers 3pt shooting can be so inconsistent some games. But when they start raining, they look like a team full of shooters

Otho Williams Jr. says:

Lonzo SHOULD still be in Laker uniform smh

Darren 11 says:

Lebron is so fast 😭😭😭😭

Ledarius Johnson says:

Can We Have Stats At The End ?🤷🏾‍♂️

Eriverto Gonsalez says:

There was no defense in the first half, 2nd half was much better from both teams, but LA got the w.

Robert Ramirez says:

Nice to see Lebrons loaded Lakers beat a crap team and puff his chest out…. too bad Lebron couldnt have that Mamba Mentality the other night against Dame

T Ty says:

Harry Giles tre 4 336 putting on

Trey TV says:

I know they the Lakers but damn!
– Derrick Rose, 2020

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