Korean street food – Fruits Cutting Skills

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Fruit store in Namdaemun market
Watermelon 1,000KRW / Melon , Pineapple 1,500KRW

Exit 5 of Hoehyeon Station in Seoul subway,
There is a place where fruit is cut and sold to make it easier to eat.
It is specialist Fruit Cut!
Various fruits of different kinds on a cool ice sheet~!
Of course, the fruit sold in the market is very sweet and delicious.
Try one after looking the market^^

Location (https://goo.gl/maps/bJXcnmTorcVNX9Ua6)

Thank u for watching it
Be happy and good luck ‘u’

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Simon Collins says:

Is it strange that tonight I have watched several videos of people cutting fruit or that I find it so satisfying 🤷🏾‍♂️

Abdu Botirov says:


Sleepy Dog says:

what a sharp knife~

david gomez says:

En Mexico es comun comer sandia y melon por tener costo accesible y en todo el año se consume.
Pero en otros paises es un lujo estas frutas tan deliciosas !!!!!!

Bus Tomi says:

Indonesia hadir

사람 says:


Maria Esparza says:


warno samarinda says:

Salam kenal mampir ya ke warno samarinda. Saling dukung mendukung. Moga sukses di dunia youtube

ぱぴこ says:


Y Divano says:

Tukang buah potong di Indonesia mah pake Aquarium

Bacot Bangkong says:

Gak berfaedah

Gaurav Kashyap says:

all is well… bt skill is missing 😕😕

ByJuliMK Yt says:


末町一斉 says:


Kristen H says:

Such precision. Such grace. I wish I could walk down the street and have delicious chilled fresh fruit on a stick at my fingertips!

1度だけでも美女になりたい says:


Sizzling Grill says:

Fruits is sweet and sour like candy, I don’t understand why people don’t eat them as often as they should.

Sizzling Grill says:

You have to respect the people who work their humble jobs just trying to get by, and especially when they put the effort in their work.

안수빈 says:

멜론 껍질 자를때 쓴 칼 완전 내 스타일♥♥

rahmat kw says:

Let's eat 3 or eat now??? Hehe

Hoai Nam Chu says:

Wow 😍👏👏👏😙😍👍

Varun Maheshwari says:

Itna sara to vaste kar diya

Cooking with HYM says:

nice vide👍keep in touch❤

Navara Roma says:

لا تربحكم شهيتونا 😁😁

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