Korean Barbecue Feast (Samgyeopsal): 삼겹살 (Pork Belly Slices)

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We (Samuel & Audrey) enjoyed a Korean barbecue feast at one of my favourite local restaurants nearby my house. We ate Samgyeopsal (삼겹살): pork belly unsalted (thickly sliced bacon) wedges. The meal came with a number of delicious side-dishes which we explain at the end of the movie.

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우리는 (사무엘 & 오드리) 인근 내가 좋아하는 현지 레스토랑 내 집 중 한 곳에서 한국 바베큐 축제를 즐겼다. 삼겹살 무염 (두껍게 슬라이스 베이컨) 웨지 : 우리는 삼겹살을 (삼겹살) 먹었다. 식사는 우리가 영화의 끝에 설명 맛있는 사이드 요리의 번호와 함께.

We are at a Korean restaurant right now and we’re going to be cooking our own barbecue. We will be grilling our own meat here at the table and it is a very tasty meal, so I’m excited to be eating it once it all gets here.

How are you doing dear? Can you flip them? Just struggling a little bit. Nice skills with the chopsticks. Nice, nice skills.

This is a very Korean thing. They usually bring you a pair of scissors to cut your meat instead of slicing it for you. They let you play chef at the table. It is almost like doing surgery here. Little snippets of meat being put onto the table.

Now we just finished cutting up all of the pieces of meat and we’re just cooking them a little bit longer. We want them nice and crispy. They have a lot of fat so I am trying to melt some of that away.

This is going to be one delicious bite. Samgyeopsal and Ssamjang. Tasty!

How does it taste? It tastes great.

Okay, I am going to show how we have this delicious Korean barbecue the Korean style way.

First, what we do is we grab a nice piece of leafy lettuce here and then we take a piece of the samgyeopsal (which is meat) and we dip it into this red sauce just like this pop it onto the lettuce, grab some springs and put those on and a piece of garlic. That looks delicious. It is going to be good. Then what you do is roll it into a bite sized shape – just like this – and some people take several bites but you know how I eat I am going to pop it all in.

Is it ever good.

Oh, I’m so full but it was so good.

Okay, we just finished our meal and I am stuffed. I ate most of the garlic when Sam wasn’t looking, so watch out. I knew I didn’t get much. It was a very filling meal. I have no room for dessert. That is it.

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10 SUE says:

Hi i'm Korean producer of JTBC. The reason i comment on your video is to ask for using your video clip above on our program just for reference. The source would be stated clearly. So could we use your video clip for our program?

Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel says:

We probably shouldn't have done that!

Rlllove says:

why did you cut them so small lol i feel like you probably could barely taste it

TheRunawayGuide says:

Hey, thanks Samuel. I appreciate it. I just joined TBS and think I it is a great resource. Glad I joined. Hope y'all are doing well and enjoying the summer.

Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel says:

Thanks Leif, Audrey and I have been enjoying your videos. Loved the one where you were selling things on the street.

Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel says:

LOL, thanks!

Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel says:

Hahaha…so am I. Might visit a place tonight 🙂

Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel says:

Sometimes the 'next best thing' is almost as good as being there. My first taste of Korean barbecue was back when I lived in Edmonton going to the University of Alberta. I was hooked then and I'm still hooked now 🙂

Green Global Travel says:

We have a Korean Barbecue restaurant near our house. While we may not be in Korea, it's the next best thing.

Jarmo Järvi says:

mmm, Korean bbq… hungry now…

James Shannon says:

epic bacon flips! 🙂

TheRunawayGuide says:

My favorite video yet, you guys make a good team!

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