Kevin Durant ranks 3rd on First Take’s Primetime Players list

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Max Kellerman, Jay Williams and Domonique Foxworth discuss whether Kevin Durant will ever win a title with the Brooklyn Nets after revealing KD’s No. 3 rank on First Take’s Primetime Players list.
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Its_Achilles_yo says:

Assuming everyone is 100% healthy,KD is the best player in the world at this moment. But Luka is coming y’all.

shayyy bands says:

Max is right and wrong at the same time lmao

Redbubble Westifornia says:

Can never get over KD going to the Warriors. Jumping on a winning bandwagon. Proves he can’t do it on his own

Dave R. says:


jessy sanchez says:

ESPN stay disrespecting KD like he not the Goat already.

Azariah Tedford says:

The NBA no point

Marco Benjamim says:

Before the injury?? Durant was the best player in the league. No doubt!! He's been the best player in the world for 2 years at least. Lebron and KD last 6 or 7 years. Kawhi and Giannis are behind both but this 4 are all great. Curry when GOD mode is of course also on that list…. Harden, Kyrie, AD, PG are all a few steps from them

Pranay M says:

honestly the only time I agree with max

Hamdy Mali says:

Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet when healthy.

Davonte says:

They just come at max for no reason man

ACL says:

KD healty is the best player ! What !!! No.3 si disrespectful
Where is SAS ?!!!

jose enrico says:

We all know he is the best player in the world when he is playing, dude can drop 40 easily

Eli Six concepts says:

Jokic aint top 10 player they tripping and kd should be at 2 lebron at 1 westbrook should be top 10 mvp triple double machine 💯

varickooo says:

6:48 lmaooooo

Mathew Alvarez says:

I agree with max Could of put anybody in the top 15 and won a ring in golden state

Jetlifee.travi says:

Max took them boys to school with this one 😂

fitofito1001 says:

Max has a good point

GymHustle says:

Max maxed out on crack… Pg or anyone else was not gonna do what KD did for the warriors. The guy was putting up 29pts on 12 shots. There's no 1 else that efficient in the NBA. That's what made him such a perfect fit.

Elijah Green says:

Max is right, can’t believe I actually said this but he’s right here 🤷🏾‍♂️

Brett Maverick says:

Jay I usually rock with you but this time shut up 🙂

23chrism says:

KD is the best player in the game

Elvin Darko says:

MAX 🤦🏽‍♂️

ChawlRawl says:

If you’re a true fan of the nba, you don’t respect KD’s move to the warriors. Literally made the league unwatchable for 4 years. Regular season became pointless.

Brandon Garcia says:

KD better than Giannis no cap 🧢

Dev Tickhit says:

how is giannis over curry & kd plus curry > kd since 2015

Jaylah Mayo says:

The thing people don’t realize KD doesn’t want to and he doesn’t need to prove himself


…I'd take a healthy K.D. over lebron, giannis & kawhi, KD is the truth!💯

Abhinay Reddy says:

If stephen a is there he will destroy max….

The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite says:

Max was right

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