i only ate KOREAN FOOD for 24 hours | clickfortaz

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ClickForTaz says:

what cuisine should i try next?? 👀

A Girl Name Shah Rukh says:

Owsame i really want ti try korean food

Hibba Fahad says:

Hi taz,
If you see this ( which you probably won’t ) I would just like to ask a question. If you remember, about a year ago when you hit 1M subs you took a girl called Bethany to a holiday. So the question is if you still hang out with her or talk with her?

BTW I love your Channel sooooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

evie grace says:

where’s your shirt from? it’s so nice <3

pubg unicorn says:

Taz please start replying or chatting in comment section 😪🥺

Priyanka S says:

Wow it's so lucky to eat whatever u want dude. So much money and strong gut is all we need

moudi65x says:

This is so fun to watch…
Please try Arabic food ( the Lebanese cuisine ) for breakfast + Arab gulf ( chicken biryani ) for lunch + Iraqi ( grilled) kebab for dinner 👍🏻💕💕+ enjoy the flavor

Sachini Vihara says:

" but like i really want a home " SAME TAZ SAME

shannen cj 22 says:

I can see lily singh and liza koshy

Jana Ayman says:

i saw this video coming

Violet Gacha gamer says:

Please Isouth Indian cuisine

Lily Barnett says:

'Suncream '

Girl Group Cult says:

Taz is literally glowing up

Saskia Virtue says:

try caribbean food taz!!!!

shannen cj 22 says:

Me thinking taz has tried kimchi before in the Japanese food video

K & J says:

Eating Korean for 24hours.
Me eating only korean since years😂😂

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