I made Halal Gimbap, one of my favorite Korean food

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It’s not really easy to find Halal foods in Korea, so I made it on my own!
I believe you can get all ingredients in Korean market in your country,
also you can cook it easily with my recipe.😆
Have you ever tried any Korean foods?
What is your favorite?

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Chaudhry Kitchen & Vlogs says:

Looks sooo delicious and healthy I loved korean food and love you as well cute chef 👩‍🍳 and enjoyed watching it till the end a lot of love from canada 🇨🇦 stay blessed and connected my dear 😊💐

Asma Ahmed says:

Asalamu alaikum sister. We love Chinese food. So I'm happy you are making halal food. We try and make Chinese food at home, one favourite we make is bipombab (I think its called). We can not find Chinese basil here though.

Atka kaka Atai says:

Wa'alaikumussalam from Indonesia

Kira N says:

I hope u and your grandma liked it!

Molla Molla says:

Love you yerin your so cute 💕😊

Nushu says:

Those grandma scoldings 😂 I felt them at a spiritual level 😂😂😂

sama nasir says:

MashaAllah…. looks yum yum yummmy…😊


Your grandma is so cute ❣️😁.

Mohamad Alias says:

وعليكم السلام

B F says:

Your grandma is so cute haha mashallah

Zahir Sayed says:

Nice to see Grandma back into action, though I miss her Korean Melon and it's advantages.

soundthatblinding guy says:

cute grandma

Sumaiya Fatima says:

Maa Shaa ALLAH 💖
Wanted to try it, never tried it before.
Have never tried any korean food yet.
The handsocks looks cool💫

shoaib ahamadmir says:

Asalaam walekum

Generations says:

We love u. And keep going girl I love u from eg

Mohd anuar Mohammed din says:

I like sushi..and I like gimbap.nyumm nyumm…🤤🤤🤣

Unfamiliar Light says:


Im ah says:

Indeed practice makes perfect..👍you and your grandma in the kitchen is a cute combination.

Gmonster Luhan says:

I think it's perilla leaf…

RSR X2 says:

What does your family think about Islam?

Raihan Uddin says:

I never eat this still now😔

Gizem 꿀젬 says:

나도 먹고 싶다아아아아아 😍😍😍😍😍

Mira Ali says:

I love Korean food 🥘 My favourite ones are Tteokbokki and Gimbap. 😊

Fizzakhan Fizzakhan says:

Yeah 🙌 I’m so happy today!! I really want to try I love it 🥰 thank you so much 💖 🇵🇰

Md. Masudur Rahman says:

come to Islam.

Swarls Barkley says:

We want Turkish translation 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷greeting from Turkey

BTS STAN / mikee m says:

amazing video yerin mashllah keep it up love your videos i hope you convert to islam inshllah love your channel

Keti Diki says:

Masha Allah this is very cute

Rezheen Xalil says:

It looks DELICIOUS😋👌😁

Maryam Ft. Army says:

Wow thanks yerin, I've never had Korean food in my life, now I get to try it myself at home, 💜💜

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