Hwasa Was Holding Chicken Instead of Beef Tripe! [E-news Exclusive Ep 78]

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Lois Joseph says:

That guy was so kind and so cute . make him do every interview. 💜💜

Maro Moomoo says:

Lol why am I laughing so hard. Ah yeba as always

Neneng Sri Ayu says:

Whos the guy?

William G Wolfe says:

I think chicken is my new favorite food now💝🐔💝👸

khadijah says:

the reporter was exhibiting moomoo behaviour when he caught that chicken for solar 🤣

Taymaa Hamaideh says:

The interviewer is so cuteee ☺️

j-dof parrapio says:


まきを。 says:


StrawHat Teori says:

i tried eat chicken like this at home and get slapped by mom.


Alright i gots to try this korean chicken they look so good

Stepha Stepha says:

Las amooooo!!

Mansi Anand says:

That guy is a whole mood

revelup blink says:

Wahhh hwasa just chiilll woman

Nata Ria says:

This is my Queen mamamoo 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

john tran says:

They love it so much but not later on when they need to work it off lol

Ervina Limpo says:

Mamamoo 5th member = CHIKKIN-SHI

Naila Kamana says:

This interviewer is amazing 👏 he is so excited and engaged with them.

lalo la says:

Hwasa i love u 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

n. Badlovely says:

2:23 who is he?

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