HENRY CEJUDO: The Greatest Combat Athlete of All Time…

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Chael Sonnen talks UFC 249 co-main event, UFC Champion Henry Cejudo vs Dominick Cruz on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Matt Bailey says:

Love you Chael, so I'm just going to assume you were being sarcastic with that last sentence and the title to this video.

Isaiah Delarm says:

Tony is the type of guy that you watch a video on Henry cejudo but none of his comments would make you think that…

Adrian Wells says:

I think mighty mouse and Henry should run it back for a 3rd time

Robbie Hannah says:

So Cejudo got a dubious win over DJ, a weight cut/drug infused junkie, and a 3 year absence with Cruz… now hes the best

PankauBfT says:

I remember CCC when he won that gold. I was so proud bc the USA isn't super dominant in olympic wrestling. Then he shows up years later dominating MMA. Nothing but love & respect for the little man.

Ethan Chan says:

Henry… you are.. … not… the greatest combat athlete of all time. I have watched the DJ fight many times over and without a doubt, you did not win that fight, at most, you didn't lose as badly as his other opponents have lost, and now, you once again, get a freebee with Cruz. I saw what everyone else saw, you had him in trouble and you swarmed, but, he was not out of the fight. Does it mean that you would not have won, no, but it does mean that once again, you were given a W instead of earning it. You are not the greatest combat athlete of all time, you couldn't even carry water for the greatest. You are a outstanding wrestler, you are a good MMA fighter, you would twist me up and toss me aside without even getting your heart rate up, but, I have seen great, and you are not it. You will always have those asterisks because you did not fight DJ again and now, instead of giving Cruz another fight to settle it, you are retiring just so you can keep claiming to be something you are not. Please, retire and just go away, no one will remember you in a year because you didn't earn your kill.

Chris Devarro says:

FUCKING uncle Chael

Richard A. says:

Henry literally beat the best at 135 and under in convincing fashion (okay not really but still)

korey gonzalez says:

Greater than Jones? Jones is literally undefeated for how many years and has how many title defenses? Or he doesn’t count due to his drug use? Greater than GSP?

leo mendoza says:

But Demetrius Johnson was robbed…

AcidGlow says:

I think Jon Jones, GSP, Anderson Silva and Khabib have better records to achieve that title ✅🙂

king van dingenen says:

look guys, chael is putting henry up, i think he is preparing to call him out, for a fight at 135

Adderall Works says:

Cejudo is not even close to the greatest combat athlete of all time.
1) Olympic wrestling is not a combat sport.
2) He got a gift from the judges against DJ.
3) The rest of his resume isn't worthy of discussion.

Enoch Brown says:

After Henry Cejudo's losses to Mighty Mouse and Joseph Benavidez, I thought, "Ah, this guy will never make it in MMA." Holy shit was I wrong! This guy is a true champion. Lately, he somehow finds a way. Kudos to Henry, man. He is, in fact, the GOAT. And how about Justin Gaejthe, man. That guy is a sharpshooter with his punches, man. I guess his eyes were really fucked up before they got fixed.

Dan B says:

That knee was incredibly impressive though, I'm honestly sad he's retiring, hope he gets bored and comes back in a year or two

Dan B says:

Henry just taking time for his gender reassignment so he can come back and take Valentina's belt!

Enigma McC says:

He’s not the greatest flyweight or bantamweight champion of all time. Let alone ufc or combat sports

Jesse Nibley says:

a shoulder surgery

Franklin Franklinson says:

Mr. Sonnen. You just massively earned my respect. "Henry Cejudo you are the greatest combat athlete of all time." I agree. Chael Sonnen said it folks.

Mo Gentry says:

What if Cejudo moves up and fights Nurmagomedov?

Josh Lasky says:

Idk if you can say he is the greatest combat athlete of all time. I mean i think unfortunately that in those lower weight classes there isnt as much danger. Look at the resume of jon Jones for example. Took out rampage, machita, rashad, shogun, osp, cormier twice.. then has beaten reyes, gustavsson twice, santos you mean to tell me what henry has done is harder than that?

Rehan Sarmad says:

Tony" oooooooo"ferguson

Manuel Torres Lozano says:

Not the greatest but on the list it’s not what u did as a wrestler it’s what u did as a fighter beat Dj won the title that fight could have gone either way beat Tj and Dc only 3 high profile fighters great but not the greatest

right stuff says:

Yes he is.
He might be cringy and whatever but yes, he is the more accomplished fighter of all time.

Nom de Plume says:

GTFOH. You can't call him the greatest combat athlete ever when he can't even ride the rides at Disney. Also, there have been so many multiple sport champions. If BJJ was in the Olympics, we'd have already had dozens of gold medalist/UFC champs.

Brandon Miller says:

just the cringiest

NedwardJamesAlmost says:

Cruz was winning the fight (marginally) prior to the knockdown and HORRIBLE stoppage. Oh and Cejudo is not the greatest anything. Look at that resume…. nope

Hippestguyever says:

Cejudo barely beat mighty mouse (1-1) , he steam rolled the snake, and his win against Cruz was a bit premature, I wouldn't exactly mention him amongst the greats like GSP, Fedor, JJ, Silva

Speed Bag Boxer says:

Henry might be cringy but he’s the greatest combat athlete of all time.

Robert Turner says:

I think this card should go again

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