Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Announced! | 2020 NFL Honors

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Watch the announcement of the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 at the 9th annual NFL Honors.

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Mike Jackson says:

Why isn't cliff branch in the Hall of fame. He was better than all of them.

football goodies says:

The NFL is one big lie, and I can prove it !

Lets Talk Now Tv says:

don't think Edgerrin should've been in yet

Eddie Brown says:

Edge should have been in also Troy

JuanTurks27 says:

Edgerrin james should not be in the HOF point blank period

Victor Lopez says:

James is not a Hall of Famer, sorry

best Damn screeners says:

Deion Sanders 2 3 9 that's right boy. Lee County

Francisco Diaz says:

tom flores won 2 sb as a coach and he gets robbed

Sclass Entertainment says:

One of the best safeties ever … N y'all minimumlize him down to C gap

Isaiah Conway Jr says:

Deion Sanders is right when he made the comment about the Hall of Fame.

There’s a lot of guys that shouldn’t be in the HOF (example: Troy Polomalu (good player) and especially Jimmy Johnson (coached six years in the NFL and used a Herschel Walker trade to assemble a great Dallas Cowboys team, any GM and Coach could have done that if they had the opportunity).

Jimmy Johnson didn’t put in no work or tenure at the NFL level to be a HOF.

Way too many individuals in the Hall of Fame that should not be there. I can count at least five guys from the 2020 class that should not have made it.

Oh I forgot Kurt Warner……really…..seriously really a Hall of Famer? 🤔

Anne Francis says:

Drew Pearson should be up there with those guys. He deserves to be in the HOF!!!!

Thales Rocha says:

Nice to hear the crowd get louder for Polamalu

Max Tibbitts (Student) says:

Why the hell is peyton manning not a hall of famer

cristian gomez says:

Jim Plunkett needs to be in the hall of fame.

Brian Sawyer says:

Still no Joe Jacoby…. smh

Shane Keeney says:

Not one of these guys should be there before Drew (OG 88) Pearson
That's Right

Sean Hinton says:

I hate the politics of the NFL some of these guys should have been first be ballot!🤬

Edward Cochran says:


Nash Rarig says:

Edgerrin James, Isaac Bruce, Steve Hutchinson, and Troy Polamalu. All players I watched as a kid……feels like I just grew some gray hairs.

Daniel Johnson says:

It Might Take Awhile But One Day Mike Vick Gone Be Up There & The Whole Hood Gone Feel Like We Made It Like We Did When Iverson Became A HOF'er 😢

Seth Damrow says:

I know Bobby Dillon passed away last year, but why didn’t they introduce him by video?

Mitch Colburn says:

One hell of a group, especially Atwater finally getting in

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