H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test! BEST & WORST Korean Grocery Market Foods

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Went to H mart Korean supermarket to try out some of the food items they had there. Went for fish cake noodle soup, kimchi, SPICY fried rice and other already made food items along with some frozen korean foods to find out which ones are the best!

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Sara Layne says:

I'm so hungry right now. ughhh I wish I had an HMart near me.

Fabi 97 says:

jUsT a TiNy BiT oF hOt OiL 🥴

AnnaPhan says:

This is the video I’ve been waiting for! 👏🤤

Kiwi Siwi says:

That mackerel looks like you just cooked it for the first time wow looks so delisc

Harriet Suvares says:

Omg is that what heaven looks like!!? A whole dumplings island!!?!! 😭😭😭 I'd like to live there!

Alex Park says:

Wait wait wait…hold on here…kimbap doesnt require dipping sauce..this aint sushi guy….unless you're dipping it into tthokbokki sauce.

Fabi 97 says:

I wish we could have something like that in germany, that would be awesome

Jason Kearney says:

Hey Mikey, quick question/request if I may.
I'm looking online and having no luck finding a Haemaru HM-9100P (Big Bertha) that ships to Australia.
Any chance you could pick one up and send it down my way if I send you the funds?

W.G says:

Broccoli: yuck disgusting
ears and feet: hmm delicious

Kiwi Siwi says:

Mikey every culture has blood sausage Italians included

Bear Boulder says:

Your H-Mart is SOOOO much prettier than mine 🙁 Doesn't make mine any less awesome to go too! Love your stuff mikey! Thank you for all you do!

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