Galbitang (Korean Beef Short Rib Soup)

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Galbitang is usually serve with bowl of rice, kimchi and side of chopped green onion, salt and pepper. Enjoy Korean Comfort meal!
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Galbitang Ingredients
2 1/2 lb. beef short ribs, possible 1 1/2-inch thick
1 1/2 lb. Korean radish, moo or daikon
1 bulb garlic
1 medium size yellow onion
thumb size ginger
3 to 6 green onion, plus more for garnish
15 cups cold water
5 oz. Korean glass noodles (optional)
1/2 tsp. light soy sauce
1/2 tsp. fish sauce
1/2 to 1 Tbs. sea salt
extra salt and pepper to serve with

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fenty triany says:

I’m hungry,unnie
I’m gonna try this for dinner

Joffre Tea says:

I'm currently trying this recepie
I'll update when it's done!

Map Dich says:

Please do a video on "galbitang instant pot." Love all of your soups, especially galbitang. If able to cook them in instant pot will be very helpful. Thank you

Hmoob Vaj says:

Hello, if I don’t have a Korean radish what can I use to replace it.

gg mmm says:

no salt in it?

Maria says:

15 cups of water? Thats alot

Ardja Kumbara says:

Thank you. I will try. Look so yummy

Hardy Bane says:

I need a Wife..beautiful and cooking expert.. Good food makes good mood.

madison Baker says:

You are just the cutest thing ever! Love your videos!

Rina Park says:

볼매!!!! 😻

MrFuckface2013 says:

Made this for my Korean wife, she loved it 😀 I did not tell her how simple it is to make! Thanks!

Nghia Tran says:

This is amazing and easy. Thank you

Jay Teranova says:

I knew her hubby was military lol this was ALL I would eat when I was stationed in Seoul =)

Thu Pham says:

Hi seonkyoung, I made this today. Its good but one take I have is that we should be careful about the amount of the fish sauce, easy to over power the broth

Frances Brown says:


Laura Luffman says:

Looks good 😍

elijah says:

I had this when i visited Korea last week and i love it. I just don't have the kitchen tools i need to recreate this sadly

Linh McMullen says:

Can I use the same recipe for slow cooker instead of stovetop?

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