Fried Kimchi Rolls and Atlanta's Best Korean Bar Food — K-Town

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In this latest installment of K-Town, host Matthew Kang visits Gaja, a dark, punk rock cocktail bar in East Atlanta Village. Founded by three siblings who grew up …

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Matthew K says:

Thanks for watching everyone! My favorite part of this episode is at the end when I come to the realization that if I were to ever open a restaurant, it would basically be Gaja. Great vibe, great people, super good (and fun) food. I like when people try their best to make delicious Korean food, but also not take it too seriously. This concludes our season in Atlanta! Stay tuned for the next season…not gonna spill the beans yet but I think you will like where I end up 🙂

KingTingRolloTong says:

All white joint… blessed be the rich

Charleelae최 KPOP says:

Thank you Matt for introducing Korean food series and I'm learning more about our food! 👍🇰🇷😋👌

Elliot Kim says:

Whenever I tell my dad these things, like korean fusions or american foods with korean influences, he seems disillusioned a bit

Deuxforever says:

this place is bumpin'.

Bert Lee says:

this isnt korean food.

barelybrain says:

I’ll be stopping by for the hush puppies and cocktails in the next 30 days!!

HI LEE says:

Fried kimbap? it's sound like weird.

생맥주포도주 says:

I watched a text from this video ' avoid from communist' In korean

Bryan Liang says:

Haha don't worry I picked out the radish from kimbap too

yk j says:

Beautiful Korean food !  always

Jason Fukushima says:

is it me or does he seem like a punk rock david chang

Cameron Lee says:

korean post malone

nickwithay says:

3:48 bro moment lol

Sakja says:

Why do I sit here hungry watching Eater episodes, my stomach growling louder and louder?

Sakja says:

Danny was so cool.

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