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This Galbi Jjim from LA restaurant Sun Nong Dan is a spicy Korean braised beef short rib stew. Galbi Jjim is a very special dish in the hearts of Koreans and in EP01 of this 2 part series on Galbi Jjim I go to the best place in LA to eat it and then recreate the Galbi Jjim tomorrow in my studio for my Korean friends to try. Let me know what you think about the dish.

Big thank you to Sun Nong Dan for letting me film and Joo Won and Dan Suh from Korea Foods for taking part, go give um a follow on instagram.

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pkeod says:

David Chang is a racist.

E M S says:

I see your game. Flash some clips of you shirtless at the beach at the start to reel me in. Yeah yeah. You think that's gonna work huh? (Ok. It did.)

브로콜리김치 says:

1:10 Your pronunciation is perfect!! Gal bi jjjjjjim!

Cookery Project says:

Love korean, can’t wait for next instalment!!

betabenja says:

"this place has gone viral!" recorded two months ago

Michael Ho says:

Why doesn’t this channel have 1 million subs? Great content!

freetrueandjust says:

**WARNING*** Please wear a clothes protecting garment whilst watching this short film due to the high probability of the occurrence of extreme salivation and dribbling. There's some good eating there JQ!

Georgia Brook says:

Why LA? Why not go to South Korea?

Josh More says:

If I could make this into a sandwich, I think I'd make it every day of my life

invisiblekid99 says:

I'm guessing this is not going to be easy to cook at home. So where is the best place in London (I assume to buy it?) Well, if they are still in business. So I might have to make this at home. Fuck of COVID-19

invisiblekid99 says:

LOL the accents between your two Korean mates. One without seeing him you wouldn't guess in a millions years was Korean, the other well

IzandEva Inmyheart says:

My main man surfs!!!
You just went from number one to number ONE!
Keep this show goin til the Apocalypse hits….or even during.

Killy5445 says:

I was at that same spot two years ago and ate galbi jjim, but not the cheese version cuz lactose intolerance

Derek Warner says:

Ppl act like the korean kitchen is this huge complicated thing but usually i feel like its basically just gochujang with flovorings and meat and veg covered in melted cheese.

Michael Banks says:

Come back to Canada mate! fresh content, as per usual!

Zsoca Varga says:

Nice haircut in the end!

Julian Rachele says:

Whoa that looks good but damn are prices always that high in LA? 70 bucks for a bowl of stew is wild

Gabriel Martins says:

Korean food is Chinese & Japanese’s rebel, dirty teenage offspring. I love it.

Daniel Mores says:

I always thought asians despise rotten milk aka cheese … so seeing a traditional dish with cheese on top is surprising.
Can't wait for your recipe because it looks amazing!

Juan Garcia says:

Should hook up with the Korean Englishman crew in London. They are deep into Korean food and culture.

Apocalyps says:

Any else's favourite bit the 4:43 dripping chilli oil from that pork? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!

Maxim Matselinskiy says:

Top content as always John! Waiting for the next episode!

…pity that I'm the only fan of Korean food in my family 😄

igrenade says:

tasty yes, but grossly overpriced peasant food

[GM] Kobold says:

Awesome baby. Show me the food i love. Greatings from Germany. = )

rybeech20 says:

thank fuck the recipe is tomorrow, work suspended for the foreseeable means unlimited cooking time

Patrick Lee2 says:

great episode – loved the showcase of a good Korean staple food and the filmography in the video was sublime as well!

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