Elon Musk says SpaceX rocket launch is "a dream come true"

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Wednesday’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch will be the first time a private company will send humans into orbit. SpaceX founder Elon Musk reflects on what this historic moment means to him. Mark Strassmann speaks to Musk and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine ahead of the launch.

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Kenny Plangca says:

Elon is our present day Tony Stark hands down..

Ankan Dutta says:

Well, on the other hand, a "trillion" dollar company is selling wheels!!!!!

Joe_Anroy says:

NASA NEVER LIED TO US!! Space travel is real. You must believe everything you see on a screen these days!! OBEY!!

NPC #52700000389 says:

What about the mouse outside of the rocket?

Mudfossil Academy says:

What a liar, tell the public about the fact you can't see the sun or stars from outer space. Don't believe me? Study Tesla and steinmetz's work closely.

pedjarudnik says:

They invented a hole on flowerpot.

Fils de Jean Noir says:


Maniblack 05 says:

CBS the 👁 Illuminati

Ejvind Andersen says:

Cleptoman. Korupt Pig.

kim hart. says:

hahahaha, nice fake, better than 1969.

Among the Stars says:

you can see that these interviewers want to make them feel uncomfortable asking dumb questions that's why I enjoy Elon doing interviews with youtubers like everyday astronaut for genuine interviews

dcb1138 says:

2020 is turning out to be a lot like 1968


If world is one nation Bill Gates and Elon Musk will be the 2 biggest candidates to be the president of that nation.
I'll vote for Elon.

Frosty cold says:

For all of us who wish we could have this dream I want to see full support and excellence Ty for helping to give humanity a bright future

Vyvyan Richards says:

You are a fraud Elon. Go work on how to maintain a family and marriage.


So who all here ready to be chipped, by Elon Musk, and vaccinated by Bill Gates?? 👀

Jasson Khoo says:

NASA in 1969 : yes we stronk use weak pc TO FLY ROCKET
NASA IN 2020 : HELP SPACE X please

Michael says:

Thank you. This is the type of media we need more often. Impossible to ask for always but more often would be great

Vanix Xinav says:

China will own that

AuralAttack says:

Love or hate Elon Musk, but he feels it his duty with his wealth and power to push science and the human race forward. Truly a very intelligent man with a passion and love for science, and our never ending quest for a deeper understanding of the universe .

logan b says:

We already get along better in space. Nowhere on Earth would the us and Russia be allies. But in space it's one family, sure each wants to be better but still

Juli Brown says:

My 21st century hero, like other greats, Elon's top 10 inventions include: 1. Tesla: electric car, 2. SpaceX: reusable rockets, 3. Paypal: buy online without input credit card everywhere, 4. Hyperloop: Solar-power city travel in pods. 5. Zip2: Biz guides with maps. 6. SolarCity: solar-power systems lightening cities, 7. The Electric Jet: vertical landing vehicle, 8. The Musk Foundation: foundations helping EDU, Child diseases, etc.. 9. Web-Based Phone Calls; like Skype, computers call landline phones. 10. Location Specific Searches: like Google, cater to geographic locations of people & places.

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