Dolphins vs. Browns Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Miami Dolphins take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 12 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Macgaming Yo says:

People all up on Odell beckham

Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin says:

Dolphins trying their little hearts out. Aw bless.

DuskThunder9 says:

Lol the Steelers just ruined yall

len710 says:

316 Dolphins

Mango Masher says:

2:52 tell me this team isn’t trying to lose

Luke DaDrifta1 says:

Ive been a Finz Fan since B Griese's last year in the league this is the first time ever!! i'm rooting against them just so we can finally get some high quality draft picks but with this Management and our history with our overall No.1 picks we might screw it up again!! i really want to get Chase Young he is a game changer we can still have a shot at a QB like J Eason farther down if your not happy with Rosen

Light Yagami says:

Around 6:10 in betting we was all like oh not again with this 28-3 BS 😂😂😂

Mike Miller says:

Kareem hunts father mike hunt is hairy

John Vargas says:

Dolphins are so bad there Q.B is worst than I'am if he is able to be the dolphins Q.B why not let me join the dolphins..

이상해쒸 says:

I'm korean Browns fan. This season we can go playoff if we beat Steelers on next match. Go browns! Damn crows

Brent McCollum says:

Landry is a much better receiver than Beckham Jr.

RayraysYT Boom box fam says:

Still have a place in our bodies for Miami dolphins

Chris Cozza says:

why cant they do this every week? alot falls on the coaching staff, particularly the offensive coordinator and Freddie kitchens.

TopSecretVid says:

Wish Hunt was still a Chief

TheLand Worldwide says:

Baker was throwing bullets

Justin Hayes says:

Dolphins fake punt on 4th and 7 on their own 45 was adorable. I have no idea how this franchise keeps losing so badly.

Fernando Salas says:

Nice game for Miami they didn't let themselves to be shot out. If only Marino can come back iam not a Miami fan.

LTO Y says:

Notice that Fitzpatrick dropped the ball when he scored

Mr Alwayslate says:

If you getting paid to play then is it safe too say that the entire Dolphin team is getting paid just to be out on the field

James Yohn says:

Poor Fitzpatrick, not a bad quarterback just tossed around from team to team

Lux mid says:

its really frustrating how the Passing Interference calls seem to be completely random on when they get called. Its the one thing i've noticed and its cost teams yardage. In the future i know the NFL will have pressure sensors on the players which can tell when a player has the ball and when they dont and it would relay a to a sensor on the sideline which would signify to the ref of the PI instead of letting them all call it at random. but for now maybe just let me do it

2Slick Jordan says:

This is how you keep a 28-3 lead Falcons.

Logan Fischer says:

Fitz throws like a pitcher

Breathing Dreams Photo & cinema says:

Fitz acquisition from the buccs would go down as the worst investment in business history!

The Truth says:

Couldof put 60 on there ass but to many miss q's

Shehbaz Khan says:

Browns are beast

Iham stuped says:

Just throw it to obj

Christian Charles says:

Dolphins shouldnt have had 24 pts. defense slacked.

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