Derrick Henry is UNSTOPPABLE | 2019 NFL Highlights

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Derrick Henry torched the Jaguars defense for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Tennessee Titans during Week 12 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Brandon L says:

People in my fantasy league were talking crap when I drafted him with my 3rd round pick. Dudes a beast

god says:

dejavu. i think we all witnessed this before oh yea last yr🤔

Scottie Jones says:

Best motor in the nfl.

Christian Erickson says:

Jag killer?

overseer Miller0330 says:

Derek henry playing with kids

Cabbage man says:

When late november and December rolls along it's Henry time.Rain,hail or snow.

Mr Slate says:

I like the old uniforms better

Cameron Maier says:

Does anyone else think that the art of tackling has been pussified

Zyzz Brahs says:

then he fumbled and lost my fantasy week. rip.

Jono Santxo says:

Henry is the one of the most athletic football players ever. His speed at that size and weight shouldn't be possible

Kaua 808 says:

Man I remember when ppl were saying he was gonna be a heisman bust. Not anymore.

Captain Grizzly says:

derrick henry killed jeff epstein

JayScore says:

Derrick Henry is a beast. Glad I started him in fantasy!

Kyle Gibbs says:

I got CMC and Henry as my backs this year in Fantasy. People say I overpaid for them but hey. Guess we'll see huh?

Rxtro says:

When in doubt give it to Henry

Nick T says:

0:15 is so impressive that cut was so smooth

Conman Killer1234 says:

He needs to be voted to the pro bowl

Vita Sankz says:

Derrick henry’s the best back in the league

Ishan Shukla says:

finally my titans are using henry

hmhill94 says:

someone that big shouldn't be that fast.

wrightterence680 says:

D Henry is a monster at RB!!

DwolfOG says:

That man is a DOGG!!

Fevo says:

soon as you pay him hes gonna fall forward for 2 yard gains and complain about his o-line like the rest of the top backs after they get paid

Ryan J says:

Savage!!! He came through in the clutch for me on DraftKings.

Playboi Polo says:

I made a video getting Lamar Jackson heisman Mode Activated in madden 20

Tonii says:

One of the best backs in the league

Cole Carpenter says:

Always falls forwards for an extra couple yards. Makes even shitty runs turn out to be a plus. This man has set records everywhere he goes and I guarantee you if he keeps getting a fair share of carries he will break records in the nfl as well

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