Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots Week 12 NFL Game Preview

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Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots Week 12 NFL Game Preview

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ThreeBears Sandoval says:

Anyone else here after my Patriots beat cowboys ? LMAO

Jay Rus says:

Jerry Jones I many more years you going to give that loser Jason Garrett

Raxiom FC says:

Tripping offense…..stfu

J S says:

Dak the ball sack just can't get it done….cowboys just suck

Kronos Fodew says:

By the way the patriots win

csdthadude says:

Wow Patriots paying refs again, 2 phantom tripping calls, well looks like the commish at it again for his good buddy and owner of the Patriots

Anthony Mitros says:

Let's go Pat's…

Pancho Pistolas says:

Cowboys can't find the endzone

Keren kares says:

Garrett will bow to Bill Belichick🤨 but TOM LANDRY would have NEVEEEER😎

Pancho Pistolas says:

Cowboys don't know nothing about Special Teams. Belecheat finds ways to win. Got to make adjustments. Something Dallas know nothing about

Joe Watts says:

Is there any player on the Pat's team better than the cowboys team?

Picogram says:

Stack em and Dak em. I hope we can overcome our significant coaching deficit with our significant talent surplus.

Ted Jajer says:

Hey Devan, expect divorce papers by half-time!

Melanie Mendez says:

I’m from Texas, cowboys suck but I’m aware they’re #1 on offense rn . Last time cowboys played the patriots they made it to the super bowl. This is gonna be such a good game to go to

Adam Byrd says:

The Check is in The Mail!

Adam Byrd says:

Watch the Patriots as they smoke Dallas CowGirls. Take note to the greatest NFL Team in history(Tom Brady the Roger Federer of Football)

Adam Byrd says:


Sean Rickoski says:

The Pats defense will challenge that Dallas offense like they haven't been challenged yet this season. The real question is going to be whether or not the Dallas defense can stop the Patriots offense.

Texan Football Houston says:

Eagles not playing good at all Seahawks playing there game

Texan Football Houston says:

Eagles lost n if Dallas wins it's over they will win the division easy

old man says:

to say that he is playing better than any cowboy qtr back ever…shows your lack of knowledge .

dylan dr says:

It's all on Dak! If he plays like he can, no picks and 3-4 touchdowns, the Boys can win. Assuming Dallas D also plays to there potential. As much as I would hate Jerry Jones fist pumping and thinking he had anything to do with the win…
Come on Dallas!!! Huge game!!!

Just kING_Petty772 says:

Let's get this win Team Pat's 💪

Gabriel Jones says:

Lmfao cpt America 😂😂 bro he's a football player not a fucken hero only heros in real life are our soldier's, fire fighters an shii like that wtf has he really done for the world?? Now that being said i respect him for his charity work but come on with how much this foo gets paid its literally the LEAST he could do

Jum Broni says:

How can you EVER bet against the greatest football player that ever lived? Spread or no spread

North Texas Outlaw says:

Please lord let the ‘boys win 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Bernardo Robinson says:

That Capt America / Justice League reference just triggered me 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

Nocturnal Recluse says:

I think it's time for brady to take a seat personally.

Benjamin Kim says:

We dem boyz! 🏈

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