Chef’s Table Delivery 🛵 Amazing Thai + Korean Food 🇹🇭🇰🇷 in Bangkok, Thailand!

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🍽️ Samrub Samrub Thai สำรับสำหรับไทย:
🎥 World’s Best Vegetarian Food:
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Organized by ( – It was an honor to have a chance to experience a new concept in Chef’s Table dining in Bangkok, Thailand – where you have a gourmet meal delivered to your doorstep by motorbike, and full livestream with the Chef’s and stories behind the ingredients and live music – all to accompany your meal at home. #withme #ThaiFood #Bangkok

Samrub Samrub Thai สำรับสำหรับไทย – Without a doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. You can see my full video eating at Samrub Samrub Thai สำรับสำหรับไทย here: Thanks to Chef Prin ( and Khun Mint (

Chef Cho Hee-sook ( from Hansik Gonggan in Seoul, South Korea – Along with Samrub Samrub Thai สำรับสำหรับไทย, this meal was a collaboration with the amazing Chef Cho Hee-sook. She joined in the livestream from Seoul.

While eating, we could interact and hear from the Chef’s and their ideas behind the food, and there was a full program of tours, cooking demonstrations, and live music. I thought it was an amazing concept, and a model for a Chef’s Table dining experience at home in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thank you for the amazing meal experience!



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Sammy C says:

I think it’s great for a time like this (a pandemic) but also for people who are unable to leave their homes, but would like to experience food like this!

James Davidson says:

Mark is perfect in his Shaggy form

Rogelio Villarreal says:

Mark your such a food lover one day I would love to come to Los Angeles CA sow and wife can cook you some great mexican food

Ell Snow says:

It will be a great date night at home if we have this concept in Malaysia.

Bean ray says:

The gotee looks good 👍

Oba S says:

May I please have the containers when you're done?

Ken Ruan says:

Now you can resell the 100 containers;)

Shiprah Christian says:

Great concept! Very unique and creative meal!

Rick K says:

love to watch u r videos

Fernanda A. Orozco says:

Does anyone here know of an authentic Thai place in Los Angeles Ca they recommend?? skip night market

Rozzy 25 says:


Rozzy 25 says:


Fatima Silva says:

Você vive na Tailândia?

Emma Field says:

Watching this while eating a cheese and tomato toastie with a cup of flat dandelion and burdock with a huge glug of rum sploshed in.

Emma Field says:

Love the eco friendly packaging!!!

W I L M A says:

I was waiting for that "WOW" for so long.

Mutave Mutua says:


Inesita Quijano says:

Great packaging… environment friendly. Very creative food presentation and absolutely tasty too . .. because on the way how you explain on every meal you taste. Happh eating.

Tony Tng says:

i think it's cool that Mark showed us this episode, but IMO anyone who orders fine dining for takeaway during this period needs to have their priorities checked….

230608grace says:

He is waiting the half hour to be in sync, but he opens up all the containers so in half an hour to wait food gets cold grrrr!

Robert Kinkhorst says:

If interested you should really check out the website which offers these evenings, this on which Mark is showing was THB 3500 for 2 approximately $110 so, quite expensive for a regular Thai person, this is more for the expats & richer Thai who can speak English! There are more expensive experiences offered! But a fantastic concept & idea!

crazymoe88 says:

Please Marc when the pandemic is over you need to go to west Africa sierra-Leone..they have the best dishes in Africa and i can guarantee you that…please consider will not be disappointed with dished like Casava leafs and rice dish and Kankan bbq meat👍

QueenLisa NYC says:

Follow me guys! I’m a new YouTuber documenting my vacation excursions

K W says:

Am wondering, does mark share with his wife and mother in law?

Barbara Pitcher says:

I think he eats all this but is very active n keeps moving around that's why his fit not unhealthy…that's how I am, eat alot n experience too balances out n u don't gain weight like others if they only eat ofcourse u will expect a fat guy

Collin Huey says:


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