Charles Barkley's 'Bogey or Better' Hole Challenge at Capital One's The Match

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Charles Barkley came up just short in an effort to win up $500K for charity if he was able to get a bogey or better at Capital One’s The Match.

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Charlie Davis says:

His swing has improved soooooo much. Good effort Charles

Golf Duff says:

I was almost shocked that his yips was gone! Great work Charles, you would beat me any day of the week.

松川トキ says:

Good to see he swing better

SantaSkip_knows says:

It's a big improvement to where he was a few years ago… way to go sir Charles

K9 388 says:

He’s a great guy

Billy Johnson says:

I’m also a huge Bama fan, and JT is the best. But, I also like Charles Barkley too. And Bo Jackson. One of my friends that played for the Eagles back in the day used to make comments about what a great guy Charles is in person. So, that also made me have a higher opinion about Barkley.
Back to my comment, Charles Barkley’s swing looks much better than the last time I saw it 👍. I can see the work.

Jh T says:

First time Chuck wasn’t treated like a joke. Cool guy too.

mrblonde432 says:

Good thing he has a $2000 set of irons.

Got' Emmm says:

All jokes aside it’s awesome to see he stuck with it even after getting destroyed by people online making fun of his hitch swing.

Pab1oFresh says:

thats all i need to see to never wanna play with justin thomas. ANNOYING!

Craig Monty says:

Should have listened to JT – laying up was a turrible idea. A bad shot when going for it likely gets him on the green in 3 (same as laying up) so may as well send it down there.

Michael Harris says:

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justint5387 says:

He put that machine to work

mike jones says:

Well looks better chuck keep practicing

doug doug says:

Don’t mean to sound like a fan boy but I’d love to play a round of golf with Sir Charles

ekbusdriver says:

Wow, has his swing changed, and for the better!! Great stuff, gents. Thanks!!

Courney Hallcy says:

Man Charles swing looks so much better. Good for him.

Rob Burig says:

Glad to see the mid swing seizure is gone.

Mark Smith says:

Hes a professional athlete with millions of dollars to afford high profile coaches I dint get it

AZDBLondon says:

Wow, swing looks way better. To me looks like he lost a few LB's. Maybe during lockdown?

scott taylor says:

That was sooooo vlose

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