Can Dwayne Bravo beat MS Dhoni in a 100m sprint?

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And who will win an arm-wrestling contest between Tendulkar and Lara? Bravo answers.

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Geeta Dhumane says:

This man loves India

Abbas Vali says:

Love this series ❤️

Preyas Kedia says:

In the last question the batsman should answer
"First u bowl and then I'll hit ur ball "

Tejas Pinjala says:

Hit the ball nah, boy

johnson johnny says:

Munro will made his t20 double ton

Sandeep Layek says:

I also love garlic naan..❤️

Jayakanth J says:

Why Ambrose? Walsh was better.

Ayan kashyap says:

bravo is my second liked player..

akash k says:

Bravo is right about Rohit. . Rohit is a devastating batsman…

Yohan Abeysinghe says:

Indian money talks!

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