Camila Mendes' Guide to Effortless Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Camila Mendes reveals all the techniques behind her everyday glow. The Riverdale star also talks about how she conceals a zit, and how she achieves an absolutely effortless glow.

Director: Amanda Brooks
Filmed at The Shangri-La Hotel

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Camila Mendes’ Guide to Effortless Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Blane Frider says:

OMG firstly I thought that she is Phoebe Tonkin 😮

Aurum says:

I literally got SO confused when I saw the name in the video.

CaMiLa MeNdEs???

Shiloh Liu says:

"I don't really use skincare."
Because you don't need it!

Malena K says:

Русские присутствуют?

marinamk says:

This is the best tutorial on this channel! I love her makeup style

MSP anjelina says:

Camila Mendes👍 or Camila Cobello👎?👇

Netta Rodrigues says:

Nem parece que é brasileira rsrs 💕💕

Nesar Ahmed says:

Instructions unclear
Got myself locked in somebodies basement

Talya Mason says:

OCD is not perfectionism. You are not "so OCD this" or "OCD about that". It is a mental illness. Not liking things to be a certain way.

Latischa de Jonge says:

Who thought about Veronica Logde?

Scoops Ahoy says:

More vids with Cami!!! 💗

Aninha kerida says:

Fans de riverdale surtando 💕❤

lesloo says:

yes @ camila using shiseido products 👏🏼

Mary Nguyen says:

So beautiful AND INTELLIGENT!!!

Mary Nguyen says:

She’s so pretty 😍

Liam says:

She has the perfect face to blow my load on 🥴🥴🥴🥴 💦 💦

Sagitta Rious says:

Loving your make up ❤️❤️❤️

Anna Leivas says:

Faz um canal em português PVR❤️

Rachel Amanda says:

Hi guys!! I’m an aspiring YouTuber and I just posted my fifth video!! It’s a holiday gift guide!! It would mean the world if you would go check it out and like, comment and subscribe!!

Prudence Julien says:

She is so beautiful. I really like the pimple covering tip. Eyes _

Evellyn Pinto says:

Tão talentosa nossa metade Brasileirinha

Kwon Frances says:



I won't do any makeup if i have her eyebrows 😭

Berraknur Özden says:

Am I the only one who think that she looks just like the korean actor Ma Tian Yu 😅😅😅

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