Brad Makes Surf & Turf on an Outdoor Grill (Part 2) | It's Alive Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

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Presented by Mitsubishi Motors | In the last episode of It’s Alive: Goin’ Places, Brad Leone made an outdoor grill and in this one he’s making surf & turf on it. And he’s not cooking alone. Welder and YouTuber Jimmy Diresta joins Brad in the woods to grill up some steaks, fish, shrimp and more.
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Brad Makes Surf & Turf on an Outdoor Grill (Part 2) | It’s Alive Goin’ Places | Bon Appétit

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Natalie says:

Who finds these people? They are always so cool.

Boneclaw Walker says:

We NEED more Brad and Jimmy – if he can't keep Vinny, at least let him have Jimmy to play with. How about do some cooking in a dutch oven on a tripod setup they make. And let Brad go do some blacksmithing with Brett, make some fire tools or somethin'. C'mon, BA, take care of our boy.

c1plas says:

I love how they’re oblivious to the jumping clam :.), also love the retro HP gauge.

xarcaz says:

Jimmy is so cute.

Eric D. says:

Hey Brad, are you going to make some pepperonni snack sticks in the dehydrator someday? I love your jerky recipe, but I'm more into snack sticks than jerky (i feel like it hurts too much my jaw, both along or across the grain)

David Southern says:

Jimmy and Brad is a perfect match! Plus, they could make anything Claire needs, but better! Maybe a grill built into a truck tailgate next?

Arina Dara says:

Please do more videos together 👏🏼👏🏼

Arina Dara says:

This two part series actually saved me.
Thank you 🙏🏼

msHula says:

You boys have the best fun! Please visit Saint John NB, we've got some fresh n good cooking happening! Don't forget 😉 You could do a maritime Christmas special! Cheers ps I love daft punk 🎵💖🎵

Noah Childers says:

Is this guy drunk or does he just talk like he’s drunk

Catrina [Thicc Sister] says:

I enjoy eating fitches

Irene Boby says:

petition to hire Diresta as Claire's handyman during Gourmet Makes

MadMo_11 says:

Ole lumberjack leone

Aaron Rogers says:

Spit roast!!!!

Rob Huitt says:

"Close your eyes and blow." heh heh heh

NintendoJunki says:

You should make a smoker next

Aira Mae Revilla says:

"We are the God in the universe and the things we create, we can change at any point." – Jimmy

Love that.

Aira Mae Revilla says:


Bruno Kunda says:

shrimp: cần hàng

Brianne Johnson says:

Favorite collab to date! 10/10 would recommend

Karl O'Toole says:

These two need a series together.

Gregory Foote says:

Red Oak. Duh.

Spencer Parsons says:

Brad you need to make this a series or something. You and Jimmy togeher are great. Like to see the builds and then see them used

Jasper Newstead says:

so. many. daddies.

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