BLACK WIDOW Super Bowl Trailer (2020)

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Super bowl spot + trailer for Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson

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Anchit Bakshi says:

Not gonna watch this shit.

Anchit Bakshi says:

Total Crap.

Hola Andre Suki says:

Si fue antes de los vengadores xq no tiene el cabello corto
Y obviamente taskmaster es Barton

SevPool says:

Okay where’s Ursa Major

Abd Majid says:

Tool like movie star…Road like a highway star…Rockers Ben.See you see me.Marvlous Man,call 007Gun_ajidhamzan1980.

Atlantianreborn says:

She can shag me to death anytime, torture me physically while dressed in lacy underwear and I will resist with all my energy. Lol..

Carter Pierce says:

1:11 … facepalm

Tycondaroga100 says:

:58 "We are both still train killers" TRAIN KILLERS? WTF…Why would they want to kill innocent Chew Chew Trains?

Gucio Gucio says:

are there no real Americans anymore but you're still promoting Jews

Laurelion o' Thaliondor says:


Live Call Recording Big Boobs Girl says:


Mandalorian Cooper says:

" It's mainly water-weight". same 1:22

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