18th March, Immune function

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AussieZ X says:

how remove stress when world dieing haha that best thing u said ever. no one working no money the world HAS to go in free trade for this work can have apple i give u this for it, money one thing going kill this world a lot faster then the virus. they have work way out that people get food packs each person $50 a week of veg's or other things. so need start making food packs up.

AussieZ X says:

i would like know if people are sick with virus is any way they make pack up for home make feel better as don't want go hospital or doctors as don't want others get it, as china using UV light on bus kill virus can make hand version put hands in couple min's or less like do when hands wet but uv version. or is list of product you take help body handle this virus other vitamin c, d and b3, b12 get mood in order.

TLE says:

Nutrition- yes!! Vitamin D- yes!! Sleep- yes!! Less protein- yes!! Vitamin C – yes! Exercise- yes!! Fasting- YES!!!!!

Hitesh Patidar says:

whole india is in lockdown for next 21 days…

Scoot Jockey says:

Thank you Dr Cambell.

Scoot Jockey says:

Here in Germany you can,t talk to the Dr,s cos they don,t ansewr the phone and you are not allowed to visit without calling them !!!!

Curi0u50ne says:

Who else is pissing bright orange pee…. Yep yor boosting on multivitamins 😆

GlobalNewsTH says:

#COVID19 Pandemic did not start in China, it began in #Bangkok.

Gabriela K says:

I'm dying😂 can't W8 till December I hope joke won't be on me xd

Wo0dy Woodstock says:

@Dr John
Meditation, Yoga & T'ai Chi all help to reduce stress and can be done by individuals in self-Isolation.
Lots of "How to's" on YouTube.

Margot Robartes says:

I want to ask if using SunScreen (in New Zealand) reduces your Vit D from the sun please?? A bit of a silly question, but I’ve wondered!!! 🤗

Mucf99 says:

What is the reasoning behind us not having the lockdown.Conspiracy says it's a cull?

the prophet ez1 says:

Dr Campbell I am an apothecary and have many ways to literally boost the immune system with herbs. I have herbs that cause your body to make interferon. To top it off I have a blend of herbs that has stopped all these viruses since 2003 within 3 days.
Thank you for your teachings, I will be using some things I picked up from you in my next video. Hopefully it will be out later today.
You should see that video Dr John.
I can be reached as t raultroche1955@gmail.com. in the video I will be combining some of what you taught me to some of what I already knew, and it hff as been very enlightening. Thanks again.

Antee Matter says:

Marajuana EDIBLES (not vaping and smoking) and jogging in sunshine reduces stress which boosts immune system 👍 Haven’t had a respiratory infection for years

cem oğuz says:

I just can not stop smoking.

Richard Sandwell says:

Sunbathe folks, wearing excess clothing when it's sunny and avoiding all sun exposure has destroyed our immune systems and bone health, the sun scare industry has been a public health disaster of the 21st century.

Offshore Migration says:

And the UK Government continues to operates the VFS Global Biometric Data collection centres. A serious risk for the transmission of he COVID19

Eyeswideopen says:

I have type 1 diabetes, prenicious anemia, hypothyroidism. I am very worried about this pandemic!

Andy Jackson says:

Chloroquine treats the virus in 6 days.

Bhagat Singh says:

Ayurveda !!!!!!!

Angelic Vixen says:

It's interesting when you say you cant boost your immunity when that is what doctors have been selling us for years and years. "Here's another pill to boost your immunity".

Bruno Ferreira says:

Fasting does boost your immune system and it helps regulate your glucose levels.
You can boost immunity with certain nutrients. Zinc and Vitamin D seem to help a lot fight this virus.

Peter Lemer says:

I winder whether John has seen this? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4417560/

OniMetsuki says:

Hmm though I get where you are coming from I think you are too caught up on Normal being Max. Maybe because someone taught you that and you overly took it on board…
If someone does exercise and take their health above an average person their immune system is going to be "boosted" above normal levels. Simple.

Most people today are far more sedentary than we used to be, so of course it can be argued most of our population are rather below standard. Even so most anyone making extra efforts are effectively boosting their immune systems from today's and their own normal.

Anything that improves on a regular healthy persons immune system IS boosting it. (Like that wood pulp extract that was mans 1st and only for a long time substance that could reduce a brain swelling from a head trauma maybe for example right 😉 (it is a solvent and in the wrong hands can cause SERIOUS health problems))
Folks working in those parts of the wood mills back in the 1800's notably did not get illness like flu like regular people in other sections of the same wood mills, which is how it was discovered. It boosted their immune systems as many journals I'd read state.
Curious of your opinion on this substances help with immune systems in our current situation which I guess you are familiar without me having to name it?

Meditation practices like Falun Gong were heavily promoted by the Chinese Communist Party due to how much healthier practitioners were seen to be, helping people fight off all kinds of serious illness and even cancer caused by their heavy industrial pollution (according to the CCP), at one point 12% of Chinese people practiced it. ( Until it was stamped out to further an unpopular politicians political career by turning attention onto something other than mr "Haha" )

Yakov Butterfield says:

The key is fresh, whole foods such as fresh fruit, mushrooms and Real whole Garlic

MsPerfectly Imperfekt says:

Who has money for olympics and theres so much hungry people in the world including england.. having to chose between buying a hand soap or food???

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