10 Korean Foods You Must Try

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Episode 4: 10 Dishes You Must Try at a Korean Restaurant The host Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) gives a helpful beginner’s guide on 10 dishes you should …

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Tea A says:

Steve bro I love you man I want you to succeed but this should have never made it to YouTube. Either hire a sound guy, get a friend that knows sound or look up tutorials on YouTube about mixing sound/video. I want you to succeed. this is meant to be constructive. Before airing run it by someone that doesn't know you that isn't afraid to speak the truth. wish you the best

Trainer Red says:

Informative video, but it needs more pictures of the dishes.

natalya lindo says:

Korean food is the best, I love it!!

natalya lindo says:

I’ve had ttetboki, gimbap, bibimbap, galbi, kimchi and corn cheese and Korean fried chicken

lili huang says:

Wait…U have more likes then subs…the heck?

Embers says:

Big chungus

Kini Kim says:

Good stuff!
Keep it coming Steve 👍

Dri Free says:

The sound was very bad,But the food looks very good 😋

Poop Brain says:

ive had bibimbap, gimbap, and jjajjamyeong. seriously, i can survive on just those three. oh and korean fried chicken.

p.s. would be nice if images had more screen time and voice over it.

Gayle Sherman says:

I love Asia food

Brandol Ogando says:

First comment, heart it baby

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