🍱School Food Mukbang at Korean High School VLOG : Kimchi / Bulgogi / Tteokbokki 🍱

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Hey Darlings! I bet this is what you wanted, right? hehehehehhe

I know the video quality is not the best, but I tried my best so please understand 🙂

I can see a lot of comments saying like “My school lunch is a piece of XXXX” 😂How come??? I am very curious about your food too!

So let me know by your lovely comments, I’ll be waiting for them 🙂

Love you as always 😀

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Cherri Blossm says:

Can I ask how long you guys stay at school? I was surprised that there was dinner there! Your food looks so good tbh 🙁 I wish we had that but even then it would probably be ruined by the lunch ladies

Hey you says:

I just wonder why u always skip soup?


주먹밥에 무슨 참치가 저렇게 많어 시상에나

정명진 says:

외국인이 왜이리 많아요?? 신기하네

비니비니 says:

급식충이던때가 그립ㄷr…점심 무료 저녁 3000원이었는데 4~5000원짜리 학식보다 오조오억배 맛있었음ㅜㅜ 뭣보다…학식은…후식이 없어…그나저나 저 학교 급식 쩐단


Michelle Obama would have been like this is this is UNEXCEPTABLEEEEEE

라리 says:

와 내 고3때랑 똑같다..

슈퍼믹스 says:

저희학교 급식에는 랍스터가 나왔답니다허허헣ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ


My country we have different selections of food but we have to pay for it, it's not that expensive tho, my school has rice, chicken, pizza, 🍜 noodles, nacho, fruits, jelly etc. I'm from Malaysia

Alex greer says:

The school lunches there look so good, the food at my school looks and tastes horrible

amarachi neraz says:

U guys have it good over in Korea. I live in the U.S. and our food is mostly frozen lunches i wish we could have such a delicious and deluxe meal

rolando gonzalez says:

Oooh im mexican and im surprised because you eat Mexican salad

구민주 says:

한국인 없나요..? 다 외국사람들이야 ㅠㅠ

김롸롸 says:

머리 파마하신 건가요?

Shaheerah Jamilah says:

all of y'all get free foods at your school while me have to pay for it

ItzCue -UwU says:

Meanwhile over here in California we get good old play doe pizza

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