I finally go back to Korea! It’s been 2 years since I studied abroad at Yonsei University, so it felt great going back. This is my first video from my Korea trip; I reunited with [More]
Kimchi Pasta is one of my favorite types of pastas to eat! In this video, I will show you how I make Kimchi Pasta. I will eat the kimchi pasta with Berkshire Pork Sausage Skewers [More]
korean traditional rice cake making Korean people like rice cakes. There are many kinds of rice cakes in Korea. Among them I filmed the process of making “Half-moon rice cake, Honey-filled Rice Cake, Pounded rice [More]
오늘은 제 영상 중에서 호응이 좋았던 집밥 먹방을 준비 했습니다 ! 오븐을 새롭게 장만해서 사용해봤는데 생각보다 성능이 좋아서 다양한 음식을 만들어 볼수 있을 것 같네요 ! 오븐으로 만든 스팸이 너무 매워서 다 못 먹었네요… 매운거 [More]
Dak Gabli(닭갈비) is a popular Korean dish cooked by stir-frying chicken marinated in spicy sauce with cabbage, scallions, sweet potato, onion, and perilla leaves. Since you can’t get perilla leaves(sesame seed leaf) at any grocery [More]
Hi everyone. This is Aira Park ❤ and welcome to my channel.😘 Thankyou for watching guys see you on my nextvlog ka be-U-tifuls🤗 Dont forget to like and SUBSCRIBE. This video is a week ago. [More]
Salah satu resto favorite kami adalah @halo.dakgalbi.indonesia di @summareconmal.bekasi. Seneng banget bisa ketemu langsung dan di masakkin sama owner nya. Owner nya juga bilang kalo Dakgalbi adalah makanan khas dari Chuncheon, Korea Selatan yang berupa [More]
The marinade itself is a bit too sweet for me, so I added more hot chilli paste in the end. It turned out to taste much better!
Looking for some awesome Super Bowl munchies? If so, stop right here and checkout my take on BULGOGI BEEF EGG ROLLS. These BULGOGI BEEF EGG ROLLS are hearty, jammed pack with veggies, savory flavors and [More]